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    • Featured News on the NIH Director’s Blog: Detecting Cancer with a Herringbone Nanochip
    • Featured News on The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network: Biotech Innovations: Novel Nanochip Paves Way for Early Ovarian Cancer Detection
    • Research Highlights on Nature Methods, 16, 286–286: Improved Exosome Detection
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    • Research News: Enhanced detection of tumour-secreted vesicles, Nat. Biomed. Eng., 2019, 3, 421-422.
    • Featured News on The Pathologist: Game of Exosomes.
    • KU Today News: Breakthrough 'lab-on-a-chip' detects cancer faster, cheaper and less invasively.
    • KU Cancer Center News: KU Cancer Center Researchers Develop Novel Lab-on-a-Chip

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    • Selected to feature on the inside cover

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    • Selected by the Editor as a Lab on a Chip HOT Article (top 10%)

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Prior to KU:

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    • Selected as a “Hot Paper” by the Editors
    • Highlighted in the frontispiece

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    Highlighted in “Another brick in the wall”,, 2010.
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